El Plástico Mata/Plastic Kills

I work at El Plástico Mata/Plastic Kills as a coordinator and responsible for the social media. Plastic Kills is a hydra of multilingual websites and social media shining light on the real impacts of the misuse of plastic on the environments and human health. With a striking logo and straightforward language, PlasticKills, promotes a safer and wiser use of plastics.  Plastic Kills was prototyped first in Spanish Language (El Plástico Mata), and it attracted 3 million media hits in its first month of existence. Stay tuned for more languages to roll out.

Find more on ElPlásticoMata.com

Dancing for an Ocean Free of Plastic

Dancing for an Ocean Free of Plastics is a performance dance that raises awareness around plastic pollution and its terrible effects on our bodies and oceans.

This performance goes side by side the environmental activist Manuel Maqueda, founder of El Plástico Mata and Kumu, co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition, and a founding member of Midway Film led by Chris Jordan, in his talks about plastic pollution around the world.