Dance Activism

I think of my work as a service to people and planet, fostering personal and collective healing and transformation.  I have been dubbed by the press as “the New Isadora Duncan of the Environment”, because my projects often have a message of consciousness and transformation.

Dancing for an Ocean Free of Plastics is a performance dance that raises awareness around plastic pollution and its terrible effects on our bodies and oceans.

This performance goes side by side the environmental activist Manuel Maqueda, founder of El Plástico Mata and Kumu, co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition, and a founding member of Midway Film led by Chris Jordan, in his talks about plastic pollution around the world.

Climate Change

Over the last years and mostly since I became mother in 2017 I have been more worry about climate change.  How can humanity wake up and start facing to our  uncomfortable truth of our times? How can dance help to connect people with our reality in order to change and transform our planet? My focus right now is finding the ways to bring more awareness about climate change through dance activism.

Noise Pollution

Inviting Silence Amidst Chaos is an Alchemy Spinning™ dance performance series from different cities around the world. Raquel uses the power of Alchemy Spinning to create a space of silence and presence in the midst of chaos of the cities.